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MATLAB R2008b ( Simulink Symbolic Toolbox) Download dolpcora




Simulink/Xcos are one of the most powerful tools for system modeling. However, when dealing with large systems, the process of manually creating them using pen and paper can be tedious. As a result, engineers have been forced to go back to Simulink's powerful graphical editor and create every block by hand. This is both a time consuming and error prone process. MATLAB is a powerful language with a built-in toolbox of functions. These include vectorized linear algebra, statistics, signal processing, and matrix manipulations. In addition, it is a programming language that is both easy to learn and a quick to execute. The Simscape development environment is based on the idea of creating model objects that can be arranged in a hierarchical manner. This enables us to expand a system model based on a vector of blocks. We can easily add, remove, and re-order blocks as well as create new blocks, allowing us to build a much more complex model than could be done manually. Symbolic C or Fortran Equations The next big step in evolution of Simulink is the ability to transform symbolic expressions into Simulink code or model components. This allows us to capture and analyze complex real-world processes using a mathematical notation known as Symbolic Expressions. These symbolic expressions can be created in many different software packages, such as Matlab, Maxima, Maple, or GAMS, to name a few. The most common symbols are Equations (u+v=0), ODEs (dot(x,x)=0), DAEs (q+d^2=0), PDEs ( rac{d^2u}{dx^2}-u=0), and other derivatives. The most complex of these equations is the ODE, which is just a differential equation. A differential equation is an equation that has a variable that is differentiable in time, and a function that describes the derivative of the variable with respect to time. In most cases, this variable is dependent on the time, as in the case of a particle in a wind field, or it can be dependent on both time and position, as is the case for a wave equation. Symbolic expressions are basically a set of mathematical symbols that denote operations and expressions. For example, d/dt denotes the derivative with respect to time. If you want to create a symbolic expression, you need to first create a new




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MATLAB R2008b ( Simulink Symbolic Toolbox) Download dolpcora

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